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In Dr. Instead, those who end up on your book page will rely on a few key details to help them determine whether or not to buy it. Good Amanda Ripley Contrast that to this good bio, where she comes off as much more of an authority—mainly because her other books are mentioned, as were her awards. Build up your experience so you can change your bio. She also finishes her bio with a call-to-action for readers to sign up to her mailing list to receive updates from her, so we applaud her marketing prowess. Good Doctor Bio: Dr. Your author bio allows them a sneak peek behind the closed door of the room where the magic happens.

Some people may not read further, so make sure it includes all the details you want them to remember. You can see the difference in the author Amanda Ripley.

But those are the elements that get users to your book page in the first place — not what keeps them there. This is why writing a bio can be so challenging. Provable facts.

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Let the right personality shine through your author bio, not just your credentials! Mostly, your bio will be used by someone to introduce you at a conference or public event so if you write your bio using these tips, you will help them give a smooth and accurate introduction.

We put together a comprehensive guide with easy steps and author bio examples to help you get started: Steps to Writing an Author Bio A well-written bio needs to be sharp, concise, and spot on. Carson, who focuses only on the credentials and status signifiers that the reader would care about and understand, like his specialties and companies he works for.

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Writing Your Author Bio? Here Are 10 Great Examples.