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But, as a band, it's a cool way to work because it's so unlike making an album - it takes the pressure off a bit and you can try different things, like a range of different producers. And in their early days that meant releasing no singles, doing no interviews and not bothering with such basics as band photos.

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In , Pitchfork TV released an hour-long documentary in February, directed by RJ Bentler which focused on the band's album If You're Feeling Sinister , as well as the formation and early releases of the band. Their latest European tour - which concludes in Dublin next week - has seen the band dip into all facets of their career. We were only talking about this at dinner yesterday… we were thinking of Sonic Youth and how, when they brought out an album, they pretty much played the whole album. Could If You're Feeling Sinister have been made in any time or place other than 90s Glasgow, with its detached air of rainy melancholy? Like more than a few people I've met over the years, Belle and Sebastian's music undoubtedly hastened my decision to move here to live and work, in the same leafy streets and red sandstone tenements that form the backdrop for those early Super 8 videos. In fact, the only long-term band members to play on the songs were Murdoch, David, and Mick Cooke , who played trumpet on the EP but would not officially join the band until a few years later. There are more than 3m new pages for you to explore as well as ,plus artists' pages — so simply find their albums and get to work. It charted at No. There's a chance that even music-obsessed early twenty-something digital natives may have had no cause to peruse its pages or even look at its online edition. I'm very flexible about where I can go with things. God Help the Girl is a musical project by Stuart Murdoch, leader of the Scottish indie group Belle and Sebastian, featuring a group of female vocalists, including Catherine Ireton, with Belle and Sebastian as the accompanying band. Clearly there was some kind of magic in the Glasgow air during those bountiful two years between the summers of and and Belle and Sebastian were bottling it at the source. It was my only source of information from the outside world.

Murdoch once described the band as a "product of botched capitalism". He says the latter was the most arduous creative endeavour of his life.

The track was recorded in the church where Murdoch lived [12] and features vocals from Monica Queen. Photograph: PA Appropriately enough for a band whose sheer bookishness winds people up, me and Belle and Sebastian got off on the wrong foot.

We tried to embrace the commercial around and " - Buggles' founder Trevor Horn produced a pair of albums and on 's Belle and Sebastian Write About Love they collaborated with such heavyweights as Norah Jones and Carey Mulligan - "but I think we've come around to thinking that it's best to just write good songs and not think of the bigger picture.

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Inwhere next to no band is un-Googleable and pop stars tweet about every changing of their socks, the band would struggle to preserve the aura of mystique that was so intrinsic to their early appeal.

I'm leaving the city soon, and I'll miss it sorely, but as long as I can put on If You're Feeling Sinister it'll never feel far away. But it has to be said that that trust and confidence is something we've earned over the years.

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My favourite album: If You're Feeling Sinister by Belle and Sebastian