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Some questions to ask yourself before preparing your mission statement: Before you write your mission statement it will helpful to take an introspective look at your art business. You may need to change your mission statement or risk becoming irrelevant or worse yet out of business.

Create interesting window displays and change them frequently, making sure they are well lit and interesting to observe at night. Sell to Businesses Rather than just waiting for people to come into your gallery, make appointments with local businesses that need artwork for their lobbies, dining areas, offices and conference rooms.

If they like the piece and get used to seeing it in a prominent location every day, they won't want to give it up once the month ends and will be more inclined to buy it. Hold New Openings Every time you introduce a few pieces of art by a new artist, hold an open house.

The Internet revolutionized marketing for galleries, so hire experts to work on your UX and SEO — especially if you do not know what these words even mean.

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For many companies this mission is distilled down into a statement or series of statements that describes their mission.

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How to Increase Art Gallery Sales