Corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage theories management essay

Corporate responsibility: reflections on context and consequences. Sacconi and Antoni 35 conducted an empirical research on CSR practices and social capital creation on nonprofit organizations, and concluded that CSR practices adopted as a formal instrument and to implement a multi-stakeholder ownership approach can positively affect social capital creation by maintaining cooperative personal relationships.

corporate social responsibility competitive advantage

But also in regards to the constantly changing ways of how companies pursue CARS, it is important to investigate which of them have the greatest impact on employees and their morale.

According to Screech 1the idea is that employees will be much more satisfied, if they feel that the beneficiaries of SSP are they, rather than some other external recipients of charitable contributions.

The introduction addresses the context and justification for this paper.

How can corporate social responsibility be used to achieve competitive advantage

Strategic management: a stakeholder approach. CSR information disclosure on the web: a context-based approach analysing the influence of country of origin and industry sector. Voluntary: This is the dimension where a firm has a wide scope of discretionary behaviors by performing certain activities by which they are actually contributing to the welfare of society. For instance, Carrefour's volunteer programme plays an important role in employee motivation. Social investments are generally made to build organizational legitimacy and good reputations, which are actually perceived in the minds of stakeholders. In the framework of Mitchell, Eagle and Wood , employees are seen as a crucial component to success and as a scarce resource. Predominantly, the activities under the umbrella of CSR fall into three categories: economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. Pearce and Doh state that social responsibility is currently a universal notion in business. Long Range Plannng, 29 4 , To this end, a case study helped develop the framework, expanding the theoretical and practical justification. Generic social issues are important to society, but do not significantly affect company operations; nor do they affect competitiveness in the long run. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Carrefour profile. This may be a valuable contribution from a contextual perspective, as well as in understanding the CSR theory and implications thereof in nations representing an altogether different set of social, cultural, economic and political circumstances.

According to Donaldson and Preston and Freemanconsumers, suppliers, employees and the community all have an important influence on CSR.

As such elements are intangible resources of the company, we can say that they are capable of creating competitive advantage if the company makes them rare, irreplaceable, inimitable and valuable.

Such elements are intangible resources; they are rare, irreplaceable, inimitable and valuable.

Corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage theories management essay

McWilliams and Seigel 9 found a positive relationship between CSR investments and a firm's profitability. The data analysis is twofold: The corporate social strategy is examined and the competitive advantage gained from this social strategy is discussed. The same phenomenon is emphasised by Mintzberg and Pearce and Doh , who address CSR strategies, as the motivation to act socially responsibly changes according to the values of each executive. The second section explains the main and specific objectives of the work. Corporate social responsibility: a theory of the firm perspective. The aim of this triangulation process is to corroborate the answers given by the interviewees and detect discrepancies within their answers Merriam, Moreover, these studies take into account the Western context of doing business where firms operate in a relatively less volatile business environment. Microsoft, for example, allows its employees to take three days off for this repose every year Thomson, Firms behaving in a socially responsible manner benefit through the subsequent reputation, another topic with a huge body of literature. It is thus acknowledged that Carrefour has a cordial relationship with the community and often forms partnerships with the local community.
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