Essay on cultural activities in india

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Often said, the origins of these dances can be linked to Hindu temples, where they were first birthed and nurtured until they attained maturity and their full stature, hence the impulse of such dances to have or exhibit some religious context to it.

Derrett says that values, interests and aspirations of individuals are influenced by their natural environment.

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Indian scientists like C. Suitable matches from all over the kingdom were invited to either compete in some competition to win over the bride, or the bride would herself choose her ideal husband. Let us see some special food eaten by the people in certain parts of our country.

Play media Chapchar Kut cheraw dance in Mizoram.

Essay on cultural activities in india

Different forms of dance classified as folk or classical find origin from different parts of the country, and they are a way of representation of the particular culture from which they originate. Four systems of classical dance are accounted for in Indian culture, though other prominent ones exist. Indian Culture Essay 1 words India is a famous country all over the world for its culture and tradition. It is our religious culture that we should keep fast, do worship, offer Gange Jal, do Surya Namaskar, touch feet of elder in family, do yoga and meditation on daily basis, give food and water to the hungry and disabled people. For example, when mughals first came to India they bought with them the persain artists. With them the whole is lost in the parts. Nowruz is the most important festival among the Parsi community of India. They were painted by the Boudha Bhikshus or priests. They have specific dates that they start on and end on Christianity was brought here later by the French and Britishers who ruled here for almost two centuries long time. India's Architecture When people think of India, they think of its architecture.

Our Saints and Rishis aspired to the realization of the infinite. Namaskar is commonly used in India and Nepal by HindusJains and Buddhists, and many continue to use this outside the Indian subcontinent.

Essay on culture and tradition

It is up to the younger generation to uphold this torch of cultural unity for the rest of the world to see, follow and emulate and not get dazed by the superficial prosperity and material achievements of the west where man has set foot on Moon in his quest for space travel, but fords insulated in his own society and community. The copper plate called Garbhagriha or Moolasthan buried under the main idol absorbs and resonates this energy to its surroundings. Having been built on the foundations and concept of ragas and fast, Indian music and dance are established as appropriate in depicting diverse emotions and moods. These traditional forms of greeting may be absent in the world of business and in India's urban environment, where a handshake is a common form of greeting. Tensen, a great singer in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar has composed many ragas. What is needed is the superior interpretation synthesis of the power of mind that can give rise to a vision of the whole. Made of white marble, it reminds us of the Europwan and Mughal architecture. The impact of civilization was further felt, as the French, Portuguese and to a larger extent the Brits, whose influences of Christianity played a minimal but enduring role on Indian civilization and cultural heritage as well as its religious beliefs. They signify the four Vedas, the four constellations, or the four basic aims of human pursuit. The transformation process is still visible at the fabulous ruins and historical sites of Manila even now Smith says that the civilization of India has many features which differentiate it from that of other regions of the world, while they are common to the whole country in a degree sufficient to justify its treatment as a unity in the history of human, social and intellectual development. Be it in the sciences, medicine, astronomy as well as astrology, the Indian culture has bordered it all. We celebrate our festivals according to our own rituals, keep fast, take bath in holy water of Gange, worship and pray to God, sing ritual songs, dance, eat delicious dinner, wear colourful dresses and other lots of activities. People of various religions differ in their language, food tradition, rituals, etc however they live with unity.
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