Free powder coating business plan

As the powder passes it, the electrode applies an electric charge to the powder.

Powder coating regulations

I will be here to open up more hahaha! Shipping Area: A minimum amount of fixtures have been necessary in our operation so far, although the shipping area has the potential of becoming the largest square foot area in the shop. The Brudder Market Initial marketing efforts were concentrated on a geographic market extending in a sixty-mile radius of our location. While it is not perfect for our needs, it should be sufficient for a start and sufficiently modifiable to provide for some future needs. I like to have about cfm. If you are batching you may find a used oven to suit your needs. As Powder Coating Service, Inc. Liquid discharges will be minimal should be less than gallons per day of highly diluted waste water. We will also be using the internet especially the popular social media platform to inform people our business. Our research on pricing for powder coating by other shops indicates that they generally charge on a square footage basis.

The larger oven would also allow us to accommodate projects involving larger parts i. To date, the business has been financed by the stockholders in the business and from operations.

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Powder coating is a very environmentally friendly process. It must be located in an industrial area and not in a residential part of the town.

The appliance and automotive industries are large users of powder coating for cabinets, hardware, trim and underhood parts.

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I hope this has answered your questions. Automobile owners Marketing and Sales Strategy Success in any business whatsoever is dependent on the business marketing skills. Superior durability, reduced costs and environmental considerations have played a role in the movement of manufacturers throughout the world from liquid paint to powder coating.

free powder coating business plan
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Sample Business Plan on Powder Coating Business Plan