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Gruwell soon finds herself actually sending Zlata these letters and inviting her to come to California. Long Beach is so different than the gated community I grew up in. After they raise the money to bring her over, she tells them her experiences hiding Anne Frank. Word was that he had threatened his previous English teacher with a gun which I later found out was only a plastic water gun, but it had all the makings of a dramatic showdown. Throughout her four years at Wilson High School, she is forced to fight members of the school staff to prove to them that she should remain with her group of students, as these adolescents desperately need the stability and comfort that her classroom provides in order to flourish as confident students and human beings. After all, these were the same kids that "wouldn't last a month" or "were too stupid" to read advanced placement books. This explains the unique layout of this book. As a result, she organizes college tours and invites specialists to share information about SAT preparation and financial aid, in order to make the application process seem accessible to her students, many of whom are the first of their family to graduate from high school and attend college. She hopes to help young people deal with their pent-up anger in non-violent ways and thus chooses to teach at a school known for its ethnic and socio-economic diversity. When Zlata accepts, the students are finally able to meet this young writer whom they have read and admire so much. Banning of the book in schools[ edit ] On March 11, , an English teacher at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, Indiana , Connie Heermann, was suspended for a year and a half without pay for using the Freedom Writers Diary in her classroom against the wishes of the school board. After the classroom received computers, they started keeping a class log as well. The students receive the Spirit of Anne Frank award, which rewards people fighting against discrimination and prejudice in their communities, and are invited to travel to New York to receive this prize. The famous director wanted to meet the class that I had dubbed "as colorful as a box of Crayola crayons" and their "rookie teacher who was causing waves. After learning from Zlata about the dangers of ethnic hatred, they are later able to meet Miep Gies, another one of their heroes.

In those first few minutes, he made it brutally clear that he hated Wilson, he hated English, and he hated me. Her husband divorces her and Margaret tells her she cannot teach her kids for their junior year.

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They also travel to Washington D. Another student, Grant Rice Armand Jones is frustrated at losing an arcade game and demands a refund from the owner.

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From that moment on, I would try to bring history to life by using new books, inviting guest speakers, and going on field trips. For the first time, his tough facade began to crack. His sole purpose was to make his "preppy" student teacher cry.

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While the school itself is not in a dangerous neighborhood, many of the students who attend it come from environments marked by gang violence and drug trafficking.

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