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In addition, [resources] provide support to help students reach their potential. A reflection on communicating with people with a different background from your own.

While this requires additional work, it will be well worth it for your top school preferences. Highlight any personal connections to the school. End by explaining what lessons you took away from the difficult experience and how you grew. Having connected with a range of Boston families, varying in age, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity, I have improved my sense of self-awareness and cultural sensitivity, attributes I hope to continue developing with the surrounding Seattle community.

Adversity essay medical school reddit

Being informed will demonstrate an interest in the program, allowing you to write a response showing that you will be a genuinely good fit for the school. BeMo provides professional secondary essay advice and editing for medical school applicants. If so, then it likely constitutes a real hardship. Consider why admissions committees want you to answer this question. Ask these individuals whether they would be willing to share their experiences attending a particular school, and also whether you would be a good fit there given your background and goals. Here's a video about the secondary essay prompt, "Your Future as a Medical Professional": How to Address the "Academic Lapses or Breaks" Prompt: If you have an academic lapse or took a break that you wish to explain to the admissions committee, you may want to prepare this prompt in advance. Medical schools are looking for candidates who are equipped with mature coping strategies, enabling them to proficiently navigate whatever life, or medical school, decides to throw at them. As you incorporate ideas into your supplemental essay responses, remember that prompts with a similar theme may be worded differently. You can certainly talk about your cultural, ethnic or even religious background to answer this question, but keep in mind that diversity is not limited to your heritage. Are all of these things in line with your own values, career goals and learning needs? More from U. What are you most excited about when you think of attending this school? Do not forget to be succinct and direct in your responses. Is their curriculum a good fit for your learning style? Outlining how you moved past the situation.

What patient population did you enjoy working with the most? Outlining what you learned from the situation, and how you will manage similar situations going forward.

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Are all of these things in line with your own values, career goals and learning needs? Best, "Why Us? Community outreach?

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Once you have fully understood the question, consider incorporating the ideas above where they are relevant.

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How to Answer 3 Medical School Secondary Application Questions