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When the lower extension is too long, may have aggressive tendencies or dependency to instinct. In the English alphabet, which is also used for most European languages, including French, German and Italian, a part of every letter is found in the middle zone. As the writer matures he learns the more sophisticated method of joining letter forms called cursive writing. Most people write with a slight right slant B. It provides information on the field of instincts. A ruler placed under the first and last letters in a line of writing is an excellent way to determine an uneven baseline. Would you like to date someone like this? Spacing Spaces in writing are just as important to the Traitmatch analyst as the writing itself.

It can be found in al 1 three zones but is most apparent in the MZ. This ''average size" of writing is found in the sample of applicants who can fit into almost any kind of job situation for which they are qualified.

Angle: Roughness, aggression to contact. Activities oriented to service, kindness, self-denial.

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An angle interrupts smooth flow of thought and action, and an abrupt manner is often the result. You may also find arcades between letters especially in the connection between o, v and w and the letter which follows them. Narrow lower loop: Sexual shyness, lacks erotic imagination. Would you want to date someone this way? He may be warm and sympathetic, empathetic and sentimental. If accompanied by garland handwriting: active social life and seduction in contact. Most people write with a slight right slant B. This type of thread is associated with a diplomatic personali-ty, one who is capable of seeing the whole, broad picture of a situation. How did the prospect use the spaces within the blanks, boxes, or fill-ins? Parts of Letter G Letter g in Handwriting Letter G consists of an oval, composed of an initial circular movement and a movement that goes downwards and upwards called lower extension or lower loop. Soft pressure: Lack of expansion.

He's optimistic, ambitious and cheerful. Hence, handwriting analysis can save from building any dating mistake. Inability to keep confidentiality.

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If too open: Violence, sadistic tendencies. I can totally understand why you might not give a second chance to such a person. Interpretation of Type 1 Thread indicates a writer who is in too much of a hurry to do a precise bit of work. Paul uses it in the MZ and UZ. Spaces are found around the whole page of writing the margin ; in the amount of room that the letters take up the letter size ; in the generous or compressed usage of space between letters, lines, and words. She might be an introvert, or she might be quite egoistical as well. General interpretation: Subconscious return to the past, complications in psychological development, negotiation, inferiority complex in sexuality. Letter G: What is Libido? Long viscous lower loop: Materialistic tendency. Most people write with a slight right slant B. This shows a willingness to comply with company rules, an ability to get along with co-workers, and put up with the boss's idiosyncracies.

Would you like to date someone like this? Lower loop towards the left with curve: Possessive attitude, subconscious desire for recognition, weaning complex indicates privation during childhood, permanent nostalgia. Almost all other signs are compared to it. Example 7 Graphology Letter g.

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She can effectively lead a profitable team to benefit the business. Thinking drives emotions and feelings.

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