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Another example, if your business plan relys heavily on social media outreach to build up a fan base, knowing teenage girls are part of your audience makes that more likely, than if your audience is mostly over Two to three max. Sticking to comps that are no older than three I would say is even better. By week 8, it was back down to And with newly secured plans to expand into TV, Blumhouse isn't slowing down anytime soon. These figures only take into account finished films which reached audiences in some form. Most importantly, proper comps help productions land on a budget that is more likely to be profitable by design and not by sheer luck. Having accurate film comps is invaluable to creating a business plan that is realistic, instills confidence in investors, and empowers filmmakers at all stages of negotiation. While there are no guarantees in any business, having a plan for marketing, sales and distribution sure beats the old days when your only plan for ROI involved crossing your fingers in the hopes someone will offer you a profitable, traditional deal. Other times, its a filmmaker cherry-picking the best cases, tossing out the films that won't put their film's prospects in the best light. On average, documentaries stay in theatres for almost 5 weeks, whereas horror movies are gone in half that time. Should Do Use comps that are no older than five years.

And with good reason. About the Authors Stephen Follows is a writer, producer and film industry analyst. What are Film Comparables or Film Comps?

Horror movie business plan

Should Do Be very realistic about how many screens your film could play on. At its widest, it was on screens. If there's one section--other than budget--that is misunderstood, misused and misleading, it's Film Comprables. From there, she'll outline the possible revenue the film could see from various revenue streams, including theatrical domestic and foreign , ancillary sales home video, syndication, cable , and digital distribution VOD. To celebrate the launch, I have pulled out six of the most important findings from the report. Should Do Even if films like yours aren't released overseas, you should be able to answer this question. In other words, if you send one-hundred people to your movie website and two people buy your movie, your conversion rate is two percent. Answer: If you know your conversion rates, you can model and potentially project more accurate movie sales projections from day one. Find out more at stephenfollows. The film industry is very susceptible to changing tastes and fads, as are audiences although to a lesser degree. Think of an upside down layer cake. Horror movies are becoming less disturbing Horror movie tastes are cyclical, with particular subsets of horror going in and out of fashion. And at the same time, you will need to determine how much targeted internet traffic will cost you. Where it Goes Wrong What trips up many filmmakers is that the films they are using as comparables are all over the place. If you would like permission to use it outside of the uses listed above, please contact me.

You still need to figure out how to price your movie. These figures only take into account finished films which reached audiences in some form. A similar chart for, say, drama, would show a bunching of dots in the top right, showing that the quality of a drama is heavily correlated to its financial success.

If we hit x through y screens, we can do this, a through b, this, and if we hit c through d, will do this.

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If you're ducking, it signals weakness.

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