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After her brother Toby's death, Elinor paints endless landscapes whose focal point is always somehow his shadowy, barely seen figure, his absence. My great aunt, a terrible snob, said my mother had been raped by a famous RAF commodore. Monteith, M. She said she'd been raped. But it was duty she now lived by. It's not a matter so much of objecting to the labels, but you do get to a point where people are reading the labels instead of the book. When I put Union Street into the bin, he extracted it. Faced with volatile kerb-crawlers or the crippling assembly line of a chicken slaughterhouse "killing's for the men" , the women make earthy jokes about interminable blow-jobs - the "female equivalent of trench humour", says Barker. But this was a passing phase. You set out the events in detail, from the door she leaves open without thinking to the attack itself and its immediate aftermath. It is a caricature of the Fanshawe family, modeled on an official portrait which Nick finds during their outing to Fleete House the Fanshawe mansion , later in the novel. She seems, finally, to be recovering some form of her old self. Her grandmother encouraged her at grammar school, and talked of her own past. The war did give particular poets and artists a voice and a vision and those who survived found their best work associated with experiences that most people were trying to forget!

Her grandmother encouraged her at grammar school, and talked of her own past. Erin knows that she should go to the hospital and report the rape to the police, but she wants to protect herself, too.

Are there other Greek myths you can imagine yourself taking on in a contemporary form?

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Very many men felt alienated from normal life while they were at home on leave - which included sick leave. By drawing parallels between shell shock and "hysteria" affecting women in peacetime, she says Rivers emphasised the similar powerlessness of men in the trenches.

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Barker proposes a striking analogy between the civilization of the Melanesians and that of Europe during the war. There is minimal sexual detail, however.

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How did their experiences inform your writing?

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The Family, Constructed Reality and Collective Traumatic Memory: Pat Barker’s Another World