My thoughts on the war on iraq

I think that the troops need to come home, even though they haven't found Osama bin Laden I think that they should pull the troops out. If the U.

My thoughts on the war on iraq

Starting in the spring ofwhen the Bush team was supposedly still months away from a decision about the war, it was clear to us that the choice had been made. The Iraqi government was regionally isolated: friendless and feared.

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I loved the army. Consistently, the U. If you will not do it, you should not talk about it. People get killed over there every day, not just Iraqi citizens but American troops! Leah from Draper, Utah In my opinion, the war in Iraq is somewhat necessary, but it seems a little bit out of control. But the premise of most people I interviewed before the war, who mostly had either a military background or extensive experience in the Middle East, was that this would be very hard, and would hold a myriad of bad surprises, and was almost certain to go worse than its proponents were saying. But this, sadly, is no conspiracy theory. The real reason is much more sinister than that. The way I thought of the difference between those confidently urging on the war, and those carefully cautioning against it, was: cast of mind. If you resist you may will face the full might of the military crashing down on you. I was driven around by friends. That is what you feel when you are a soldier in a war you do not believe in or have come to see as a sham. I was going to the city of Basra, in the south of Iraq. Feith wrote to Rumsfeld in October that action against Iraq would make it easier to "confront - politically, militarily, or otherwise" Libya and Syria.

Part of the profitability of PSAs is if the price of oil increases or the cost of production declines, the company gets a share of the increased profits. However, PSAs were taken off the table.

These numbers indicated a dramatic drop in support, as, two months prior, most polls showed about two-thirds of those polled supporting military action.

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Tim RussertNBC 's Washington bureau chief, said the increases in support were "largely" due to President Bush's State of the Union speech in January and to Powell's presentation on February 5, which most viewers felt offered strong evidence for action against Iraq.

A senior administration official told a reporter, off the record, that "Iraq is not just about Iraq", rather "it was of a type", including Iran, Syria, and North Korea. You get the worst of all worlds in that case.

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The Iraq War Was a Failure