Realism in rabindranath tagore s short story my lord the baby

Rabindranath tagore short stories

From school he went on to college, and after college he entered the judicial service. The tragic conditions of women in all roles of life—wife, mother, daughter, sister—are drawn through a number of characters in his stories. Critics have praised Tagore for his blending of poetic lyricism with social realism, as well as the way in which his unearthly tales maintain psychological realism within an atmosphere of supernatural occurrences. It focuses particularly on the way in which literature by the colonizing culture distorts the experience and realities, and inscribes the inferiority, of the colonized people. Sd Dr. It is also noticeable that Raicharan lives the life of a pauper in order that his son can have the best of everything. Not a drawing. He was a many-faceted genius, adorning everything that he touched. Tagore had found in England that even though there were several dialects there, the students were taught only the literary language. Raicharan thinks of others before he thinks about himself. Sastri, K. How we all love to be deluded! He is highly optimistic in his poetry, especially Gitanjali. The technician of today would criticize this lack of unity of action.

Hoping that this would entice the return of her baby. As a literary genre short story is a recent development. Always, until he married, Raicharan was his sole attendant.

Tagore fixed the pathos or beauty or joy of any incident as the centre of his story and used other details including descriptions of nature as tools for illuminating these moods. Dominic K V. It deals with the reading and writing of literature written in previously or currently colonized countries, or literature written in colonizing countries which deals with colonization or colonized peoples.

The characters have their own personalities. Tagore in his later stories used this technique of third person narration with maturity and much space was given to thought-processes, which he tried to understand and communicate.

He also was a father. While creating his characters, Tagore does not use any particular colour.

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Tagore introduced these descriptions not for their own sake but to show the common bond of sympathy that exists, though unperceived, between the soul of man and the soul of nature.

New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, In the short stories of Tagore one can find the influence of man, nature and the mysteries of the supernatural. Through his stories Tagore opened to the readers the hearts of men and women.

Women occupied the central roles in majority of his stories.

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The Magic Charm of Rebindranath Tagore’s Short Stories: An Evaluation