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Journal of Voice, pp. Communication is a one way process, as indicated graphically in Figure 1.

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H3: Male students tend to be more anxious while speaking in-front in front of majority female audience. Squares Square Gender of Audience Between.

Murdoch University.

Studies on public speaking

Knappe, et. Furthermore, it includes successful articulation of sounds, as well as "mastery of stress, rhythm, intonation patterns. Student that suffer from public speaking fear are more profound to skip social events and gatherings. Brown identified certain typical speaking difficulties characteristics of spoken 2 language that most learners find difficult. Psychological Medicine, vol. Glossophobia in University Students of Malaysia. Young, D. It has also found that there is no effect of gender of audience on anxiety level of students during public speaking. Stein, M. An Investigation of Students'.

Beta B Std. Specifically, pertaining to the widespread issue of public speaking fear in university students, this study is designed to identify that whether female students feel more speaking anxiety in speaking publically or male students.

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Routines present the typical patterns of conversation including interaction and information routines. It does suggest 62 Glossophobia: The Fear of Public Speaking in Female and Male Students of University of Karachi that sufficient conditions exist for gender of speaker and audience to induce speaking speakin anxiety and whether the adaptation of psycho-physiological psycho physiological strategies for language learning help to reduce that fear in university students.

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