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Backorder Rate Backorder Rate can be both good and bad for retail businesses, which makes it a necessary sales KPI for sales managers to track. It also helps you figure out the speed at which a product is selling so you can make the right purchasing decisions. Every retail business is different, so some of the metrics provided in this blog may not be relevant to your operations. Yes, getting someone to upgrade their purchase or to buy an additional item will benefit you, but the deal must also be advantageous to the customer. Retail stores need to pick the right KPIs based on the outcome they want to achieve or their strategic goals. Whatever the case, figure out the reason and then take the necessary steps to improve. Retail can be particularly overwhelming in this regard as there is an almost endless amount of industry specific metrics that have emerged. Stock Turnover Rate Stock Turnover Rate focuses primarily on how much stock your retail business is going through on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Tracking these KPIs will help you make smarter decisions in various aspects of your business. Want to stay on the pulse?

Viewing cash flow by product lines, products or customer segments, for example, will tell you what contribution or drain they are making to your overall flow of funds. Are you failing to keep up with the latest trends? So, these kinds of omnichannel retailers need a big-picture view of their store performance.

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By analyzing the nature of all product returns, you can investigate the areas where your retail business may be falling short. Perhaps you should find ways to lower your operating expenses.

Big retail companies like Target have a significantly high cross-selling rate. The more airtime or magazine space fashion houses gets, the more awareness they get with their targeted customers, and this will usually translate to store physical or online visits and hopefully sales.

To calculate it, use the formula: ending inventory value — physically counted inventory value Why measure shrinkage? Each retail business is different, so specific measures may be more significant to you than others.

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The Key KPIs To Measure Your Retail Performance