Stricter penalties on first time drunk driving offenders essay

But there is one kind of educational campaign that holds more promise. The family will have to live with this loss the rest of their life.

The repeat offender needs to have more consequences than a first time offender, and by making it tougher on them they will think before getting behind the wheel when they are under the influence in the future. Although, the product of a drunken driving accident may have ended in a fatality of an innocent motorist, the offenders are usually Stricter DUI Penalties Needed! However it has come under criticism because there are continued calls that it should be extended to first time offenders but advocates against it say that it is too strict for first time offenders and it should not be implemented as the program is a failure. Independent researchers, however, have concluded that the positive effects were much smaller. At that exact moment, we saw a black car crashed into a lamp post. There a first DWI offense commonly results in imprisonment, fines of up to 10 percent of a person's after-tax income, or license suspensions exceeding one year. The first offense resulted in a mandatory one-year suspension of a driver's license. Too many drunk drivers get out of being convicted of DWIs or DUIs and can continue to drive drunk, endangering many people. Further punishments is also needed in order to help reduce the problem of traffic fatalities in the U. His friend drove him to his car where he went to another bar, got behind the wheel, and got into an accident killing himself and another driver; a father of three on his way home Phong 3.

It was becoming impossible to have a couple of drinks with dinner and not be at risk of getting pulled over and charged with a crime. In addition, first time offenders who are made to go under the less lenient rules of the United States always seem to break the law again.

To be considered intoxicated in most states, a person who has not recently eaten typically has to have four to five drinks within an hour although this amount varies greatly for different people. There a first DWI offense commonly results in imprisonment, fines of up to 10 percent of a person's after-tax income, or license suspensions exceeding one year. There may be another way besides increased enforcement to keep people from driving while drunk. It may also be possible to reduce drunk driving through specific steps affecting the availability of alcohol. Research showed that the act did not significantly change the amount people in Britain drank. Charles Crawford suggests putting several pages on the effects of alcohol in driver's license handbooks, which are among the most widely read booklets in America. The law in the United States and throughout the world clearly declares that people should not drive while drunk. Several organizations have been created throughout the years to fight for tougher penalties for drunk drivers. This mindset needs to be changed completely. These 12 projects reduced fatalities an average of 30 percent over three years, which is broadly comparable to the 23 percent reduction in fatalities noted in the British program. Many offenders know how to work the system to their advantage. However, the federal government needs to impose mandated harsher penalties, such as 6 months up to 1 year of prison time for first offenders, and then maybe people would think twice about drinking and driving. Nevertheless, this is a good example of how changes in general drinking practices can influence drunk driving.

Since the actions of drunk drivers not only affect themselves, but they also affect others, there need to be more severe punishments for drunk drivers. Activists convinced states to adopt many of these new restrictions by getting the federal government to withhold much-needed funding for highway construction unless they complied.

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It is no exaggeration to say that drunk driving was largely ignored in the United States until the late s. Texting and driving has increased over the years with smart phones, busy lives, social media, and wanting to stay connected. Individual states could set their own laws on drinking for many years.

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Fisher, Nationwide Insurance Who will pay for this expense? Pub owners raised a considerable outcry, and a number of less conveniently located pubs closed. Another would detect errors characteristic of drinking, such as oversteering.

Stricter penalties on first time drunk driving offenders essay

The National Research Council panel on alcohol abuse concludes that "some moderately persuasive evidence exists suggesting that effectively enforced drunken driving laws will deter drunken driving and reduce accidents and fatalities associated with it.

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How Americans Learned to Condemn Drunk Driving