The african influence on modern science

Impact of science and technology on african culture

Zaslavsky, Claudia. Charles Turner studied animal behavior and a phenomenon characteristic of insects called "Turner's circling" is named after him Pearson, , p. Summary Western science could learn a thing or two from the way science is done in other cultures What we understand today as being 'modern science' is in fact not that modern, but was born nearly half a millennium ago at the time of the Renaissance in Europe. The Yoruba Number System. If one delves deeply enough, innumerable examples of scientific endeavors among Africans, African-Americans, females and people of other cultures can be found. He believes that both Western and African science have demonstrated their validity through their utility in various situations. An essay examining the multiple scientific disciplines needed to construct ancient African monuments. A study examining how societal obstacles affect the work of our country's leading Black scientists and inventors. Margaret Alic in her book, Hypatia's Heritage, discusses women in science. One of the first African-American patent examiners reviews the inventive contributions made by Black inventors on the 50th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Diop wonders if it was a coincidence that Archimedes and other famous Greek scientists such as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato studied extensively in Egypt?

This book does provide an extensive look at the life and inventions of Madam C. Great Discoveries and Inventions by African-Americans. Benin mastered bronze during the 16th century, produced portraiture and reliefs in the metal using the lost wax process.

An article outlining African contributions within the scientific study of physics. Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, Zaslavsky, C.

The african influence on modern science

Shurney was an aeronautical engineer involved with Skylab Graves and Van Sertima, , p. Many Africanists accept an independent development of the use of iron in Sub-Saharan Africa. They used the same principle Jenner did and scratched a smallpox pustule with a thorn and then scratched themselves to acquire immunity to the disease Van Sertima, , p. Progress in an Afrocentric manner is related to the development of human personality because we are the source of life for the material and the spiritual; when we become more conscious of ourselves we shall be advanced and make progress. In Black Women in Antiquity. There is ample evidence to suggest that African explorers reached South and Central America long before Columbus made his journeys Malloy, , p. NY: Garland Publishing,

A megalithic site similar to stonehenge dating to B. Both have one thing in common--dogmatism. Salem, MA: Ayer Co.

african achievements before european arrival

In addition, African cultures preformed surgeries under antiseptic conditions universally when this concept was only emerging in Europe 2. Portland, Oregon: National Book Co. Ethiopians used terraced hillside cultivation for erosion prevention and irrigation.

ancient african inventions

I believe that the best approach would be to prepare a list of key, uncontested "facts" about Africa, African- Americans and science which most scholars could agree on. He gave the example of the search for the smallest particle which has continued from atoms to electrons to quarks and the Afrocentric realization by some scientists that they may never find a discrete answer to this question.

Pre colonial african inventions

Between and BCE, pearl millet , gourds , watermelons , and beans also spread westward across the southern Sahara. Some of these problems could be remedied by reform of existing science curricula. The Africans had a smallpox vaccine long before Jenner invented it. Lynch, B. Such traditional or indigenous knowledge is now increasingly being used not only with the aim of finding new drugs, but also to derive new concepts that may help us to reconcile empiricism and science. Western science selects as its subject matter those that are regular and then finds it can predict their behavior. Ezeabasili blames the rise of drug-resistant strains of bacteria in Africa on abuse of Western medicine. A physician in naturopathic medicine, Sullivan combines the use of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, exercise, massage and acupuncture to "heal people, not diseases. When later tasked with the challenge of recreating the forges, a group of elders who at this time were the only ones to remember the practice, due to the disuse of the practice due in part to the abundance of steel flowing into the country from foreign sources. New Jersey: Transaction Books. A biographical essay covering Woods' 50 patented electrical and railroad inventions and the impact racism had on the marketing of his products.
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