The characters of im not scared

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One night, Michele sees his parents watching on the television news that a child named Filippo belonging to the Carducci family has been kidnapped from Milan, and the boy in the pictures shown looks just like the boy in the hole. This is a heavy burden on Teresa.

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As he returns home he is scolded for being late. When Felice find Michele in the hole, he beats him.

The characters of im not scared

Michele fears Felice. Do whatever they feel is in the best interests of each other or themselves.

Io non ho paura i m not scared

Do you love your father? Her name come from the planet called Sagittarian. For Michele life is difficult: He experiences betrayal as his best friend sold his secret out to Felice for a driving lesson. Felice bullies Michele. Are you please? As he returns home he is scolded for being late. Related Papers. Although many kidnappings were politically motivated, children of wealthy northern families were targeted as well.

Michele promises to obey his father. Ammaniti got the idea for the book during a road trip to Apulia in the late s.

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I'm Not Scared Characters