The filipino is worth dying for by ninoy aquino

One of the Best asset and characteristics of Filipino is that they are very joyful and has a sense of humor.

Six years ago, I was sentenced to die before a firing squad by a Military Tribunal whose jurisdiction I steadfastly refused to recognize. According to Gandhi, the willing sacrifice of the innocent is the most powerful answer to insolent tyranny that has yet been conceived by God and man.

The nation-wide rebellion is escalating and threatens to explode into a bloody revolution. She thinks Filipinos should not wait for this freedom to just fall into their laps. Must we relive the agonies and the blood-letting of the past that brought forth our Republic or can we sit down as brothers and sisters and discuss our differences with reason and goodwill?

Filipinos are also known to be very respectful. I seek no confrontation. Handa ako sa ano mang masamang maaaring mangyari.

persuasive speech about filipino is worth dying for

Madalas kong isipin, alin kayang mga sigalot ang naisasaayos sana nang mahusay kung ang mga nagtutunggali ay naglalahad lamang ng kanilang malinaw na mga kagustuhan.

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Ninoy's Historical Speech Nobody Ever Heard