The theme of traditions in the novel a yellow in blue water

Yet, there is always another angle, another side to someone's story that may be hidden when viewed solely from our own perspective.

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Why does she keep it? Thus, Dorris suggests that there is value in listening to many versions of history because only by synthesizing their competing claims can we come to understand history's true complexity. If so, who?

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This three-generational story unfolds backward. This identity crisis is likewise passed on to Rayona, who, like her mother, spends a lot of time drifting without really knowing where she fits in.

Criticism Robert Bennett Bennett is a doctoral candidate at the University of California at Santa Barbara and has published essays on various postcolonial and Native American authors in academic journals. Each character is carefully sorting out the overlapping conflicts in their lives. The only criticism I had with this well-written and moving novel was that Ida's story seemed to end too abruptly. Narveson In the following excerpt, Narveson contends that the narratives given by the three charactersare just as perplexing to them as to the reader. Similarly, at one moment Lee is a Native American activist agitating for tribal sovereignty and pacifism, but the next moment he finds himself enlisted to fight for the United States military itself. I do not suppose that these characters could say directly what they think or feel, or that it would be better if they could. The imagery in the title itself, for example, suggests the clarity and simplicity of a vision or dream that, for Rayona at least, is attainable only too briefly. Christine's strengths include: her love for Rayona and Lee and her fierce desire to protect them; her fearlessness in taking up dares; and her perseverance and diligence when she is doing something she believes in, like helping the nuns before her disillusionment.

We start with little information and don't know the character's motivations. Then she drops to the ground and begins to "pull weeds out by their roots, scratch them out with my fingernails.

First, Ida is resentful toward her father and Willard, both of whom like most men, she feels make her feel stupid. The author could hardly be more intrusive if he returned to pre-Jamesian omniscience.

The theme of traditions in the novel a yellow in blue water

And when Christine and Aunt Ida confront one another for the first time after many years, Rayona can only say, "I … watch as though I'm seeing this scene on an old movie and a commercial could come along any time.

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A Yellow Raft in Blue Water