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Inthe company expanded for the first time outside of Seattle to Oakland, California and changed its name to United Parcel Service.

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UPS always said that the ability to make decisions for the long term was a key reason it did not want to go public. Mail Boxes Etc. A publicly traded company conveys a positive image if business goes well and attracts high-quality personnel at all levels, including senior management. Customer Relationships. We have teamed with over e-commerce leaders to offer to our existing and potential customers Web-based solutions that integrate our delivery products and information services into their websites. But on a purely statistical basis, the ''average'' gain realized by each U. Before buyers and original holders of the IPO stock may liquidate their positions, a no-sell period is often enforced to prevent immediate selloffs. Some firms have been greatly disappointed by the price performance of IPOs. Securities and Exchange Commission. We serve all of the Fortune companies. Even if their holdings are not big enough to retire on, those who wear brown collars and do own stock are obviously happy; those who have chosen not to buy shares are not. The company combines a strong balance sheet, among the best profit margins in the trucking industry and a lion's share of the growing business of delivery goods purchased by consumers online, making it an attractive Internet play as well. Last Christmas the company delivered about 55 percent of the goods consumers bought through the Internet. Why would you pay cash for that, why not pay with another inflated stock? Its officials said it wanted to be able make acquisitions using stock rather than cash and create a market for shares held by employees and retirees.

We are the largest package distribution company in the world, in terms of both revenue and volume. We are the industry leader in the delivery of goods purchased over the Internet.

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Company comments make some people think that UPS would focus on other overseas purchases with its stock. There are more than , employees worldwide. It plans to use the proceeds of the sale to repurchase shares from the , existing shareholders, which include 66, active hourly employees, another 40, active managers, 17, retirees or estates of former employees and 3, heirs of the company's founders. Gilpin See the article in its original context from November 11, , Section A, Page 1 Buy Reprints View on timesmachine TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. It's been about positioning our company for the future and giving us the currency for acquisitions," Kelly said in an interview on CNNfn Wednesday after the close of trading. By the end of the day, the U. As we move into the logistics and other non-package areas, we compete with a number of participants in the logistics, financial services and information technology industries. We deliver over 12 million packages each business day for 1. We offer a broad array of services in the package delivery industry and therefore compete with many different companies and services on a local, regional, national and international basis.

The common carrier service was applied in cities where UPS could use the service without the authority of the ICC and state commerce commissions.

InUPS began tracking all ground shipments electronically.

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While analysts said they believe the company will be more conscious of Wall Street than in the past, they also believe that UPS will continue to follow its own course. A careful reading of these reports can accurately determine a company's cash flow and credit-worthinesswhich may not be perceived as positive.

The stock closed its first day with a 35 percent gain. Konsynski, the professor from Emory. Going public—an initial public offering of stock—can be an effective means of raising cash for corporate ventures.

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The company is subject to SEC oversight and regulations, including strict disclosure requirements.

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