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Vampires are generally confined to the cities and werewolves to rural areas, though each side has at least one faction that prefers the opposing setting and generally gets along better with the opposing side. Of course, the vampires consider themselves superior to everybody else, including humans; and even werewolves look down on all werecreatures who don't turn into wolves. We wanted to be the vampires fighting the werewolves. Commonly, werewolves in wolf form are indistinguishable from real wolves, but they can be portrayed as larger. At the end, the vampires' Token Human friend is turned into a werewolf, uniting the two groups. Since the Victorian era, they have typically been presented as charismatic and sophisticated predators. The novel Dracula also used werewolf mythology. They have fangs which they use to drink blood, and typically have a human-esque appearance. Werewolves think vampires are filthy leeches, vampires think werewolf are lowly dogs.

It later turns out that its creator, Joe Westin is a vampire, and is using the show to create anti-werewolf propaganda. As to be expected, the two have a vicious clash upon catching sight of each other, which ends with two nuzzling each other affectionately.

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It would do us no good to include the various fictional vampire stories that have become hugely popular lately, because we know that these don't necessarily follow the rules of classic vampire mythology I'm talking to you, Stephenie Meyer. In films, vampires appeared in the German silent film Nosferatu, which was unofficially based on Dracula.

The Vampire Diaries has introduced the idea of an instinctive rivalry between the two groups, in the second season.

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Wolvez, wherein two rival gangs—one made up of vampires and one made up of werewolves—are involved in a turf war. And while in theory all werewolves, like all vampires, are loyal to the Tepes bloodline, this is a fairly recent condition with many remaining unburied grudges; while the entire species don't seem to have ever been at war there are a lot of clans and bloodlines rendered extinct within the last few centuries at each other's hands.

Of course, the vampires consider themselves superior to everybody else, including humans; and even werewolves look down on all werecreatures who don't turn into wolves.

Traditional, vampires suffer from a painful hunger, weakness and aging. Vampires need to drink blood to survive and are vulnerable during feeding.

Eventually, the couple's butler tries to help the child escape, but the couple finds the boy and goes in for the kill.

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It brought together their entire stable and it was where Glenn Strange played Frankenstein's monster the first time. However they really hate Vampaneze, and are more than happy to battle them.

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Then a male vampire and female werewolf fall in love. They use their abilities to protect Chicago's university district from various monster threats, including the occasional vampire attack. Although we don't know what happened to the werewolves or vampires, it's likely that the wolf-like wargs used by Saruman's armies were the descendents of werewolves. If any motion picture studio had any sense of the tides of the Underworld war, they would have warned us. In Dawnguard, it is possible to join the titular Dawnguard as a werewolf and then help to wipe out Skyrim's Volkihar vampire clan. If you enjoy weird comics that blend B-movie horror with sci-fi, track down Werewolves on the Moon. The count is disposed of by Dr. Werewolves were also perennials of Balkan folklore.
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Werewolf vs Vampire